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FiQore has been helping retail dealers increase revenue and streamline their business operations for over a decade. We work with you and for you, with only one goal in mind — to help you grow your business.

FiQore has developed a suite of powerful, yet easy-to-use technology applications to streamline retail operations for dealers. Our vehicle appraisal tool, Qvalue, is built on a hyper-connected and FULLY-CUSTOMIZABLE logistics application that delivers results and efficiency end-to-end.

Simple, Cost-Effective Technology

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Optimize Your Financing & Insurance Department

Point-of-sale financing is an important part of the auto and RV buying process. Consumers actually prefer to initiate financing through their dealer, and it can drastically improve dealership profitability. Benchmarking F&I performance can identify opportunities to improve your dealership’s margin and, more importantly, customer satisfaction. FiQore has everything dealers need to take F&I to the next level.

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  • Training & Staff Development

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Other Solutions to Elevate Your Business

We’re here to help enhance every part of your business, which means we’re always expanding our network of strategic alliances to bring you best-in-class services. Through FiQore, you can access world-class training for your employees, easily setup your own in-house learning management system, and potentially save thousands on credit card processing fees. If any part of your dealership isn’t operating at its full potential, please let us know. If we don’t have a solution, we’re happy to help you hunt for one.

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