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Our Team at FiQore

FiQore has been around for over a decade, but we operate and act like a startup — a “restart,” if you will. We are home to visionaries, doers, collaborators, strategists, believers, and much more. We are a “dream team” of extraordinary people (and one very special pooch) who truly love what they do. We’ve started a movement at FiQore — not just with our products and services, but in the company culture we are fiercely committed to protecting whether we are a team of 10 or 10,000.

What We Value

As part of the FiQore family, your commitment to uphold our mission, vision, and values is your most important job. These seven core values guide us each and every day:

We fix what’s broken to help peopleWe are always curiousWe are team players who like to have funWe operate with honesty and integrityWe are helpful and compassionateWe empower one anotherWe are reliable and get things done
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What Makes a Good Fit on Our Team?

Your passion, attitude, and aptitude are far greater predictors of your success than your past work experience. ​​If you have the “right stuff” and a “let’s figure it out” attitude, we’ll teach you everything else you need to know.

One skill that is mandatory and what we value the most in all FiQore team members is leadership. We expect every person to think and act like a leader, regardless of job title. Leadership, by definition, simply means having influence, and we strive to make sure everyone at FiQore has an equal voice. Our leaders are kind, but also courageous —willing to fight (respectfully) for what they believe in. And FiQore leaders don’t make excuses, they make a difference.

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What It’s Like to Work at FiQore

If you’re seeking a place to learn, pursue your dreams, feed your ambition, challenge yourself, make mistakes, have fun, and be part of something bigger than you ever imagined, you should definitely check us out.

Your happiness is important to us, which is why it’s important to find out if we’re a good fit. As a “restart” company, we don’t have perks like fancy espresso machines and onsite yoga — not yet, anyway. If you’re the type of person who performs best with a lot of structure and a clearly-defined chain of command, you will likely not be happy at FiQore, so please consider if a “restart” is the right environment for you.

Please check back often for a list of current opportunities.

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