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Are you in a quandary over the
revenue growth customer experience operational efficiency profitability technology gap
of your dealership?

Let FiQore quell your quandaries.

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How FiQore Helps Dealers

From technology and training to business development and outsourced F&I, we make life easier for our dealers and their customers, and we’re always thinking and tinkering toward the future.

Lending Platform

We’ve mastered the most complex part of the retail transaction. Our Lender Efficiency & Aggregation Platform (LEAP) is highly automated and integrated to bring speed, compliance, enjoyment – and LENDERS – to the financing process.

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Today’s dealers have an abundance of tech tools. Some may even work, but they probably don’t work together. FiQore’s truly amazing technology integrates core dealership operations into one ridiculously easy-to-use platform.

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Finance & Insurance

Is your dealership consistently generating hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars in backend gross profit per deal? FiQore has a slew of products and services to maximize your F&I backend.

Increase My F&I Revenue

Business Development

Experienced dealers know the secret to success is making customers, not sales. Our tech-forward dealership websites and integrated CRM engage customers to move more inventory.

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Training & Development

Henry Ford said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” Be it sales, product training, or F&I compliance, FiQore offers best-in-class training. We can even build a branded learning management platform customized for your employees.

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Dealership Operations

It’s difficult to move the needle by just selling more. We help dealerships of all sizes with unique programs like reinsurance and credit card processing, which can hugely impact financial performance.

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Are you tired of the rat race? Don’t just become a boss — be your own boss. At FiQore, we do what we love and love what we do. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who want to do the same. We’ll give you the tools to build your own business and help dealers maximize their potential.

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Transforming the Auto & RV Industry

We’re on a mission to fix what’s broken — it’s actually written on our kitchen wall. And every day we work toward it. We are transforming the buying and selling process in ways that benefit every stakeholder in the transaction. Whether you’re a dealer, lender, insurer, or just downright curious, we’re eager to answer your questions.

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