Meet the FiQore Team

About Our Dedicated Team

FiQore has been around for over a decade, but we operate and act like a startup. We are a “Dream Team” of extraordinary people (and one very special pooch) who truly love what they do. We pursue work-life “harmony,” because it’s just too hard to stop thinking, dreaming and planning when you are so excited about the future.

Meet Our Team

The FiQore Team is a fierce and fun-loving group of individuals working to transform the auto and RV buying experience. Read on to learn more about Founder & CEO Jeff Rubino, his executive team, and their powerhouse of talented associates.

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Jeff Rubino

CEO and Founder             LinkedIn logo

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Tami Rubino

President and CIO             LinkedIn logo

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Haley Miller

Chief of Staff            LinkedIn logo

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Daniel Kunkel

Product Manager

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Deb Linsley

Finance Manager

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a headshot of Kelsey Parker

Kelsey Parker


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Chief of Cuteness

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