A Game-changer for the Auto Industry: ProSource Announces Rebrand to FiQore

FiQore, formerly known as ProSource Finance, has a decade-long tradition of bringing market-ready finance and insurance (F&I) outsourcing solutions to the automotive industry, solving for some of the biggest pain points in the buying process.

Now, with an expanded suite of technology solutions and a growing executive team, the leader in the F&I outsourcing space announces a comprehensive brand overhaul that represents an exciting new chapter in the company’s journey toward becoming the #1 provider of F&I services and technology products for the auto and RV industries in the United States.

Same legacy of excellence, with a new focus on technology

Obtaining a loan to purchase a vehicle is fraught with hurdles and pain points for buyers, dealers, lenders, and insurers alike. In fact, auto financing in particular is the most unpleasant and problematic part of the car-buying process.

FiQore’s expanded services and technology solutions are specifically designed to transform the buying experience by removing these barriers to purchase.

FiQore has a long history of providing traditional F&I outsourcing services to the auto and RV industries, but as the company expanded and evolved, the leadership team along with Founder and CEO Jeff Rubino, saw a growing need to provide innovative new technology solutions that can revolutionize the industry and solve for some of its most pressing customer-experience pitfalls.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a growing need for a new type of auto financing experience — one that benefits every side of the marketplace,” said Jeff Rubino. “We have been working hard for years now to launch technology that re-imagines the buying and financing experience so that it 1) isn’t painful for consumers 2) generates more revenue for dealers 3) brings new business to insurers and 3) creates efficiency and compliance for lenders.”

FiQore’s new F&I solutions: a breakdown

Since the expansion and re-launch, FiQore is now the only technology company in the U.S. that offers F&I solutions that benefit every single stakeholder in the financing transaction, with a strong appetite to transform the buying experience altogether.

Here’s how we do it:

FiQore’s impact on CONSUMERS: The length of time it takes to complete F&I paperwork when buying a car or RV is the #1 frustration for buyers. FiQore’s technology streamlines the F&I process so consumers can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time enjoying their new purchase!

FiQore’s impact on DEALERS: FiQore helps dealers sell more cars with little to no effort or investment upfront. As soon as a dealer becomes part of the FiQore family, they have access to the technology, talent and lending platform, which opens up a whole new revenue stream for their business.

FiQore’s impact on LENDERS: Lenders and banks spend over $1billion each year to review credit applications, yet only close about 20% of those loans. FiQore’s Loan Aggregation and Efficiency Platform, (L.E.A.P.), scrubs and delivers clean and compliant applications so lenders can reduce their cost per application and improve compliance.

FiQore’s impact on INSURANCE ADMINISTRATORS: FiQore also offers various products to help consumers protect their investment, like service contracts and GAP insurance. The digital F&I menu integrated with L.E.A.P. helps educate the customer about available products in a low-pressure way. This approach increases sales, improves customer satisfaction and reduces policy cancellation rates, which is very important for insurance administrators.

“FiQore is relentlessly pursuing ways to connect and benefit every party of the financing transaction,” said Tami Rubino, CFO. “Our job isn’t done until our dealers make more money, our insurance providers get paid, our lenders secure great loans and our buyers have a painless, one-of-a-kind financing experience they can’t stop talking about.”